Mother Health School Modules

Welcome to Mother Health School, here you will find a series of video lectures put together by Heath, Naturopath and co-owner of Mother, designed to educate and empower those interested in natural medicine and holistic lifestyle practises.
There are 10 modules in this course, each building on from the last, hierarchically, to create a holistic understanding of health.
At the end of each module are questions and self reflection exercises to help integrate and better understand the content.
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Module One - Philosophy

A philosophy is a set of theories, principles and attitudes that help guide our behaviour. Health is achieved through healthy behavioural habits being repeated and repeated again and again until they are ritualised into one’s lifestyle. Structure determines behaviour, so you could say a philosophy brings structure to your day, a ‘health philosophy’ brings healthy structure to your day, which in turn creates healthy behaviour.

In Module 1 Heath discusses the definition of health as well as the 6 main principles of Natural Medicine.

Module Two - Conservation of Energy

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When attempting to improve health or ‘heal’ the first thing we need to do is ‘conserve our energy’. It takes energy to heal, it takes energy to change and it takes a lot of energy to break free from addictions. 

Step one is to patch up all of the ‘leaks’ in our bucket so we are not losing energy in a wasteful way. This conserved energy, channeled in the right way, gradually transforms our state of being from lower stuck levels into ascending higher states of flow.

Module Three - Concentration

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Once we stop losing energy, the next step is to learn how to concentrate it. 

Concentrate your awareness and you will concentrate your energy.  Before we can best use all of the tools available to us for transforming our health, we must first develop basic concentration.

It’s not what you do its how you do it. Start to do everything with concentrated awareness, be present and you will strengthen this muscle and unlock the greatest secret in health and healing.


Module Four - Self Awareness

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The more we ‘know thyself’ the greater our potential for growth and health.

In this module we examine the work of Prof. Steven Porges (Polyvagal Theory) to gain insight on how our perception and state of mind dictates the terms of our physical health and often block the healing pathways. Here we learn some simple tools to navigate our way around the nervous system into states of ‘safety’ and connectivity where healing sand health reside.

Also in this module we look at Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and the idea of cognitive distortions so we can dig a little deeper into the workings of the mind and self awareness.

Module Five - Flow States

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The great positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, discovered in his research that the happiest people were the ones that spent most time in a ‘flow state’.

For mind body health accessing ‘flow states’ is essential. In this module we will learn what flow states are and how we can access them for ourselves.

Module Six - Mitochondria

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The mitochondria are the engines within our cells, it is the mitochondria that make energy from the air we breath and the food we eat. The health of the mitochondria determines the expression of our genome, making it more important a focus then that of our own DNA when it comes to practical health and wellness. Making sure we have healthy mitochondria is the most important preventative step we can take for physical health.

In this module we learn how to optimise mitochondrial function for improved health. 

Module Seven - Oxygenation

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What is the most important element for life?

Loosely speaking, we can live 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water and 3 minutes without oxygen. This would suggest oxygen is the most vital element for life but how much do we know about functional oxygenation of the cells.

In this module we discus oxygenation as well as the dark side of oxygen, what Dr Majid Ali terms ‘dysoxygenation’ (inflammation being an example).


Module Eight - Hydration

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We are roughly 70% water by volume but 99% water on a molecular level according to Prof. Gerald Pollack.

In this module we learn that all water is not H2O, the water we need in the body is H3O2, fourth phase water or Exclusion Zone water as it is also known. Biologically, it is this fourth phase water that is healing and is essential for health.

Also essential knowledge is an understanding of Deuterium, heavy hydrogen. Too much deuterium in the body blocks healing and is one of the biggest secrets in the health world.

Module Nine - Food as Medicine

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Knowing what food to eat is very important but knowledge of when to eat, when not to eat and how much to eat is arguably more important.

In this module we discuss the relevance of circadian biology and time restricted feeding to nutrition as well as what are the most important nutrients the body needs from food and what the best sources are.

We also discuss the role ‘tonic herbs’ play in food as medicine and how to incorporate your tonics into your diet.

Module Ten - Lifestyle

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The key to health and the prevention of disease is lifestyle. It is only what we manage to do consistently that counts when it comes to health.

In this module we discuss how to best structure your life with healthy actions and how to invest your time, energy and money in a preventative lifestyle.